Mahalo for your contribution to our project for funding game cameras in the Park.

Game cameras are essential for monitoring our Maui native bird populations such as the endangered 'Ua'u (Hawaiian petrel), the threatened Nēnē (Hawaiian goose), and our critically endangered Kiwikiu (Maui parrotbill).

It is estimated that the kiwikiu population could be as low as 150 individuals left in the wild. Your donation of 40 dollars will go to funding game cameras to monitor these and other endangered birds, thereby helping to preserve our native bird populations on Haleakalā. To say thank you, you will receive a limited-edition kiwikiu sticker and footage clips from the very game cameras this funding will purchase. The kiwikiu stickers were generously donated to us from Laulima Hawaii, and we want to thank them for all of their work supporting our native species.

There are only 150 spots available, and we hope you will consider becoming part of this exclusive group dedicated to preserving our Maui native forest birds by donating today to this game camera fund.

For more information on our game camera project please visit our 'Priority Projects' page


Mahalo nui loa to Laulima for their generous contribution to funding this project.